North Shore Sportsmen's Association

Northshore Sportsmen’s Association

234 Whipple Road, Bernhards Bay, N.Y., 13028


AUGUST 11, 2021
Meeting called to order at 8:00 pm by President Charlie Gibbs
Pledge of Allegiance done
July minutes read by Patricia J Abare, Sec’t
Treasurer’s report given by Mary Meneilly.
– all accepted as read.
Sick and ailing: reported that William Stock – a twelve (12) year member passed. May GOD
Club Use: Sept 11th --- Fall Feast
Safety courses -- See later in this newsletter.
BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS: Harry Meneilly – The lawn mower was fixed but now the
Battery need replacing. The sleuth- way is on the list to possibly be attended to soon.
GUN RANGE: Terry Botz – everything appears going OK.
FALL Feast Raffle: Mark Brockett – the tickets are coming in very slowly -with about 1300
Returned. Please sell as many as possible – due to lack of functions (Covid) we could use your help to put more money into the bank for overhead.
Fall Feast: Natalie Meneilly: tickets for Adults = $12 / Children = $6 --- time: 12 N – 6PM
Bonnie Gibbs has again made a one of a kind quilt this year -- $5/ (per chance)
It took her about 100 hours to make it and it is beautiful.
ELECTIONS: Mark Brockett - the Elections will be at the last meeting in November if we
are still able to hold open meetings. The nominations for Office will close at end of October meeting. Now is the time for you to be thinking about putting your name in to take part in the Board discussions. There is more to running a Club like ours than sitting in the audience. We need strong persons with Club dedication to assist in keeping it that way. So far this year no one voiced much so we must be doing something right.
But, we need to and hope for keeping our Board and Club strong.
DEC: AJ and Lynn: DEC regrets to announce that its in-person summer camps program will not operate in
2021. If you have any questions re this please speak to AJ and Lynn.
Charlie Gibbs reported receiving a very nice note from Connor Vosdick regarding his experience at DEC
Camp Also, attending Paul Smith’s College now. This is always so nice when youngsters take the time to give thanks for these times that mean so much to them.
Also, Charlie let us know the Constantia fish hatchery will not have Open House this year.
Mary Meneilly reminded everyone about the dues you are paying for 2022 will be $75 – Associates = $38
She also said that the Seniors that used our clubhouse (as they do yearly) gave us $50 for the use.
Also we received $50 from a member for borrowing some chairs.
NEW business: September 18th – 8am to 4 pm DEC Trapping course here at the Club
September 25th – 8am until 4 – Hunter Safety Course here at the Clubhouse given by Dick
Dupre. Clubhouse closed and Range will be closed from 2pm until 4pm
NEW MEMBER APPLICATIONS: three (3) presented / we now have nine (9) on the waiting list
The Pill Pull winning number finally pulled for $118 == won by Don Matthews
Meeting adjourned at 9pm
Respectfully submitted
Patricia J Abare, Sec’t