North Shore Sportsmen's Association

Northshore Sportsmen’s Association
234 Whipple Road, Bernhards Bay, N.Y., 13028
September 8, 2021

Meeting called to order at 8:02 pm by President Charlie Gibbs
Pledge of Allegiance done
August minutes read by Patricia J Abare, Sec’t (correction: Salmon River Hatchery will not have Open House

this year, not Constantia)
Treasurer’s report given by Mary Meneilly. – all accepted
Sick and Ailing: reported that Charlie Kelsey had heart surgery to replace 5 valves. Doing well
Committees: Gun Range: Terry Bots reported all looks good.

Building n Grounds: Harry Meneilly stated that the pond level is down on purpose – preparing
to work on the sluice gate.
Also, the lawn mower is in the shop being evaluated. It appears that the clutch may be the reason
for the battery being drawn down.

DEC: AJ Tennant: The Camp for kids is a no go this year – possibly next year depending?
Fall Raffle: Mark Brockett: needs unsold tickets / good return and sales so far.......
Elections: Mark Brocette: Still time for anyone interested in joining the Board of Directors –
Just let Mark know --give him a shout if interested in any position – he still needs at least 3-4
names for the three – 3year Directors
The Nominations will be closed at end of October meeting and
Elections for 2022 are at the November meeting.
The Envirothon is hoping to be held next year. Let’s hope things with the Covid settles down so
they are able to.
There is a Pheasant Hunt scheduled in Pennellville on October 2nd n 3rd

Oswego Federation will be holding their Dinner at the Greenview Country Club on September
– price is $30.
Hunter Safety Course : September 25th

– 8am until 4 – here at the Clubhouse given by Dick
Dupre. Clubhouse closed and Range will be closed from 2pm until 4pm. Kitchen will be open.
New Members: three (3) applications submitted, making fifteen (15) on the waiting list.
Open from floor concerns: reported to a member that there is someone roaming about the
property being a nuisance. If anyone has any info re this please report your experience to our
President. Thank you
Meeting adjourned 8:47pm
Respectfully Submitted
Patricia J. Abare, Sec’t