North Shore Sportsmen's Association

Northshore Sportsmen’s Association
234 Whipple Road, Bernhards Bay, N.Y., 13028
October 12, 2022

Meeting called to order at 8:10 pm by President Charlie Gibbs
Pledge of Allegiance done
September meeting minutes read by the Sec’t Patricia J Abare,
Treasurer’s report given by Mary Meneilly. – all accepted
Sick and ailing: long time member Hugh Dunn passed
Club use: October 28th

Board of Directors meeting here at clubhouse at 7 PM
November 12th Charlie Gibbs reserved club for Birthday party 12 to 6 pm
November 26th

Erain Wilcox reserved for Baby Shower – all open

Shooting range: Terry Botz – things are still looking good
Building and grounds: Harry Meneilly – nothing new at this time / cook area
Still on the books to be done next year.
DEC Camp for kids: AJ Tennant – there are 5 kids signed up for next year so far.
Fall Raffle: Mark Brockett: Tickets sold = 1,544 // Profit: $5671.99
Winners of the raffle were: 1st Randy Martin / 2nd S. Webster 3rd
Don Deitz / 4th Sandy Detch / 5th Greg Moskal

Elections: Mark Brockett – Nominees for year 2023 were:

3 Year Directors – Mike Mattison, Aaron Look, Jim Allen, and Dan Buck

The rest of the Board are uncontested:
Pres: Charlie Gibbs, 1st VP: Harry Meneilly, 2nd VP: Jim Brockett,
Sec’t: Patricia J. Abare, Treas: Mary Meneilly
Charlie gave his report re: ‘unconstitutional Gun Laws’ which will be revisited 10/20/2022
Date of Federation Banquet: 4/15/2023, Domestic rabbits having ?? controlled disease
Pheasant hunt had a very good turnout, and the deer infection.
We had one New Member Application making 10 on waiting list.
There were no concerns visited from the members present.
Meeting adjourned at 8:37pm
Respectfully submitted
Patricia J Abare