North Shore Sportsmen's Association

Northshore Sportsmen’s Association
234 Whipple Road, Bernhards Bay, N.Y., 13028

November 10, 2021

Meeting called to order at 8:13 pm by President Charlie Gibbs

Pledge of Allegiance done

October minutes read by Patricia J Abare, Sec’t

Treasurer’s report given by Mary Meneilly. – all accepted

Sick and ailing:

John McLaughlin suffered a stroke

We had a guest speaker representing the Envirothon. As you know they hope to be at the Clubland next year, May 5th 2022. She mentioned the many stations they will be visiting and learning with some hands on projects. There presently are 6 schools signed to attend and some schools yet to respond.

Building and Grounds: Harry Meneilly: announced the Sleuth-way is completed and working very well. There were many members that volunteered their time which made the project go much faster. He gave them all a great Thank you for their help.

Range: Terry Botz gave his report sounded good

Scholarship: Charlie gave his report. Again, this year we are looking forward to giving the graduating student $250.00 toward his Environmental education. The committee will have a meeting in March or April for review.

DEC: AJ Tennant was unable to attend the meeting, but Charlie encouraged the members to submit any eligible and interested youngsters name to attend DEC Camp when (if) they are able to open for camp next year. (any questions or names you can phone AJ Tennant 315-675-8272)

Charlie also read from his magazine regarding the many dead deer. In Palermo they have found 19 dead. Actually DEC has to date received reports of approximately 700 dead deer. (as stated in Google). And, The actual disease is called “ EPIZOOTIC HEMORRHAGIC DISEASE” OR “EHD”.

New Membership applications were none this month. There remains 23 on waiting list. This is the last meeting until April -- 2 ND Wednesday on April 13, 2022. 2 However the clubhouse will remain open If anyone is fortunate enough to harvest a deer on club land we would like it reported for info Purposes. 2022

ELECTIONS: The uncontested Board members were:

President: Charlie Gibbs

1 st VP: Harry Meneilly

2 nd VP: James Brockett

Sec’t: Patricia J Abare

Treas: Mary Meneilly

Elected by members present:

Three (3) Three Year Directors Terry Botz -- Bonnie Gibbs – John Meneilly jr

Alternate: Earl Lindfield

Natalie (Meneilly) Hunter remains Membership Chairperson

Last Pill Pull of the season: won by Dan Davis $110.00

Meeting adjourned 9:00PM

Respectfully submitted

Patricia J Abar