NOVEMBER 8, 2023

Meeting called to order at 7:14 by President Charlie Gibbs. Pledge of allegiance done.

October minutes– Also Board of Directors minutes, read by Secretary , Patricia J Abare

Treasurer’s report given by Mary Meneilly all accepted as read ////

Sick n ailing: None reported

Committees: AJ Tennant: camp for kids – will be accepting applications for youngsters for 2024 anytime. Researching other camps (i.e.: 4H) in area to send our ‘kids to camp’ next year. Terry Botz: Range: Board and grounds ok Charlie Gibbs: Scholarship: received a letter from the high school stating the money needs to be in by April and will be announced and awarded on June 5th Awards nite.

Charlie Gibb: hunter safety: emphasized the importance of hunter safety in regards to wearing the safety harness when using the climber. Also, the need for reporting the deer harvest and antlerless deer harvested. He also explained how DEC uses these reports. DEC website: there is information regarding Salmon River.

NYS CONSERVATION COUNCIL: Dues are $200 ( $1 per member)

Harry Meneilly: building – stove will be on all winter here in clubhouse.

Club Use: 11/18/2023 -- family outing at club / all open 11/25/2023 – Mike Hendrickson activity / all open (Have safe n healthy winter season)

04/10/2024 – Board Meeting 5:30PM ( before regular meeting) 04/10/2024 – 1 st meeting for year 05/11/2024 – Appreciation Day for members here in clubhouse – 2 to 6 PM 06/8/2024 -- scheduled work 08/24/2024 – Jeff Mosher – all closed 09/ 13 & 14 / 2024 Workdays (Fall Feast) / 09/14/2024 – Fall Feast / 1 to 6 PM 10/11/2024 – Board Meeting 7PM 10/9/2024 --

NOMINATIONS 11/13/2024 -- ELECTIONS 2024 Dues paid by NSSA from our budget. 2023 FOR 2024

ELECTIONS : – Conducted by Mark Brockett Pres. -- Charlis Gibbs / 1st VP. -- Harry Meneilly Treasurer – Natalie Hunter / Sec’t – Lynn Tennant 3 yr Board members – Mark Brockett, Jim Brockett, Mary Meneilly, Alternate – Patricia J Abare Membership Chairperson: Jim Allen

Meeting adjourned at 8:13 pm

Pill Pull: there were 23 numbers pulled before a winner for the year was present. Charlie Gibbs won.

​​Respectfully Submitted.

Patricia J Abare, Sec't

North Shore Sportsmen's Association