North Shore Sportsmen's Association

Northshore Sportsmen’s Association

234 Whipple Road 

Bernhards Bay, N.Y., 13028

July 13, 2022

Meeting called to order at 8:10 pm by President Charlie Gibbs

Pledge of Allegiance done

June meeting minutes read by the Sec’t Patricia J Abare,

Treasurer’s report given by Mary Meneilly. – all accepted

Sick and ailing: Dave Thomas has been in the Hospital but is home now doing fairly well.

Gun Range: Terry Botz – reported there is a gunshot hole in upper left side of gun range shed. This is questionable how it happened but, no one reported it to us. Shooters know they need to be extra careful handling their guns. Also, there was an American flag on one of the shooters boards – someone used this as a target – unacceptable!!!! Our men and women have fought so hard to defend our country for all of us. The flag should be respected as a symbol of all they endured!!!! The members discussed how this could / should be handled but did not come up right then with an answer. So, Please let’s not have this happen again!!!!!

Fall raffle: Mark Brockett – the tickets are coming in well – Please try to sell as many as you can to help the club for all of you. If you have tickets that you cannot sell contact Mark. Thank you

DEC Camp For KIDS: AJ Tennant – gave info regarding Camp for kids and if anyone has questions or a kid wishing to attend camp give him a call for information.

Workdays: Reported that our picnic tables have been painted by a new Club member, Kyle Chapel. Thank You very much.

New Member applications: there were three (3) new applications presented. Current wait list for 2023 is three (3).

Fall Feast: Natalie Meneilly Hunter -- Date September 10th – 1p to 6p – tickets available at the August regular club meeting & at Feast. $12 per adult and $6 per child 6-12; 6 and under are free.

Meeting opened to floor for questions / concerns: some members questioned how to approach unfamiliar persons that were on the club land. How it was suggested to answer was “stay friendly by engaging in friendly conversation, such as introduce yourself, / how long have you been a club member, / do you know many members in the club. Above all, be friendly.

Meeting adjourned 9pm

Respectfully Submitted

Patricia J Abare