The Northshore Sportsmen's Association was formed on December 6, 1946 originally named Cleveland Rod and Gun Club. The name was changed in 1947 to the present name. There were 19 members and dues were $1.00

George Gibbs (Charlie Gibbs father) was one of the original members.

1951     President-Herbert Oatman   Sec"t-William Theal  Treasurer-James Avery & Trustees

             Average meeting attendance = 6    End of year checking balance $381.79

1956     President-Ray Chase  Sec"t-Ernest Getman  Treasurer-James Avery - Afull Board of Directors was officially formed.

Club purchased a piece of property (130) acres owned by K Grout. Club obtained a bank loan for $1500.00 and Ray Chase was in charge of the deed.The first meeting on the new property was in June with 20 members present.

The state (Mr Wicks) surveyed the property for placing a pond.

1957     President-Ray Chase  Sec't-Ernest Getman  Treasurer-James Avery & Directors

The old barn on the propery was torn down. Mr Wicks presented a plan for building or ponds on the property.$100 was presented to Loomis Lumber Co credited to account of NYS Conservation Dept of Games as clubs share for ponds

1958     President-Ray Chase  Sec't-Lee Harrington  Treasurer-James Avery & Directors

In June the club joined the NRA. Sign in sheet instituted for the clubhouse.

1959     President-Ray Chase  Sec't-Frank Woodard  Treasurer James Avery & Directors

There have been many improvements made on the property. We have with the help of the State Dept of Conservation, built 3 ponds for the propagation of water fowl. Planted 4000 evergreen trees, 500 shrubs, mainly to create good cover for the small game. Several hundred pheasants have been purchased and released in the area. Actively stocking nearby streams and lakes. The new rifle range nearly completed, which will furnish a 50, 100, and 200 yard range for marksmanship enthusiasts. We are chartered by the National Rifle Association.

We have an active hunter safety course for young people.

In September the Taber property with 114 acres was purchased for $3,000, with a note secured by 5 club members. In 1960 the farmhouse and 4 acres were sold. (this is the property that John Meneilly Sr eventually bought)

1960     1500 more trees were planted in May and 50 pheasants were released. In June the Taber house with 2 1/2 acres was sold for $3,000, making the clubhouse paid in full. Target range was finished and is being used

1961     Overhaul of the clubhouse with a bank loan of $1,000. The old barn on the property was burned by the members. 75 pheasants were released.

1962     2000 more pine trees planted, & 1000 red pine. There was a fire on May 7th, and the clubhouse burned to the ground. The Board of Directors held a meeting to plan erecting a new building.

Plans: Block building 30 x 60 truss rafters and concrete floor, 8 ft patio and 4 front windows and 4 back windows. A contract was given to Roland Bristol to lay the walls and 2 chimneys. Truss rafters were built by Don Otis. Lawrence Caldwell had building contract. June 4th trenches excavated for foundation, July 12th building enclosed and August 8th the first meeting was held there. A bank loan was obtained for $2,000 for the clubhouse completion. Two releases of pheasants 85 & 160.

1963     3500 pine trees planted. Club bank note paid off. April meeting at the clubhouse. DEC Camper: Ricky Demma

1964     Dues were $3.50 with initiation fee of $5.00. A lease with Kingwood Oil Co was signed for purpose being to test drill wells on property. In August a clubhouse break-in with small brush fire destroying some of the planted trees. This was only one of many break-ins.

1965     In February, James Avery passed away at the age of 58 (he was also mayor of Cleveland) Ray Purdy was appointed treasurer.

1966     Insurance thru Cronk Agency. According to contract with Conservation Department there will be no fishing in the pond until June 16th each year. A roof was put over the patio. 75 pheasants were released. DEC Camper: Tom Sloane

1967     75 pheasants were released. A club member donated $40 for the completion of the 200 yard rifle range. The club has been broken into for the 5th time.

1968     Ray Chase given life membership. Bank loan of $300 paid, club is now debt free. August membership was 99. November membership 110. John Meneilly Sr joined 7/10/68   James Abare joined 9/11/68

1969     At April elections Frank Woodard was in hospital, but members present voted to waive by-laws to vote him back into office. Year end membership 124. DEC Camper: John Meneilly Jr

1970     Annual dinner held at Constantia VFW on April 1, 101 attending. Outhouse built, pond stocked with trout. DEC Camper: David Vogan

1971     Annual meeting held at VFW in Constantia, April 14th, 85 members present.DEC Camper: Ray Purdy's son represented the club at Camp Colby. Frank Woodard was presented with a plaque and a life membership for his many years as secretary. With regrets, Frank was forced to resign due to ill health. Josie took and read the minutes of the meetings and Ruth Otis typed and served as the Secretary until the position was taken over by James Abare in February. Family picnic was held June 13th with 72 in attendance. Year end membership was 102.

1972     Annual dinner held at VFW in Constantia on April 8th, 75 in attendance. In May the membership voted and accepted the admission of women into the club. In September a new chimney was placed by James Abare, John and Craig Meneilly and Gerald Schuldt (non-member)

In October Ray Purdy resigned as Treasurer, Ben White was appointed to finish the year. The pond was stocked with bullhead. A pool table was purchased for $416. There was much discussion and pricing of an electric trap. DEC Camper: Leon LeGere III

New members: Harry Meneilly, Patricia Abare, John Abare and Charlie Kelsey (noted as they are still members as of 2015)

1973     Pat Abare took over the treasurer position from Ben White. Annual dinner at VFW on April 14th with 83 in attendance. Roof put over the BBQ pit and cement block pit. In July it was voted to increase dues to $10. Members 65 years of age and 3 consecutive years of membership shall pay $5.00. Year end members 114. DEC Camper: Crystal Abare

1974     Annual dinner held at VFW in Constantia on March 30th with 136 attending. George Gibbs was given life membership. Electric Trap was purchased: Western Modified Clay Pigeon Trap # G1579C for $914.19. School of Engineering did the grading of the filed for the trap. DEC Camper: Jim Gristwood

1975     Banquet held at VFW in Constantia on April 12th. Don Otis resigned as President due to poor health. New trap house was built by Abare and Meneilly families, and Jerry Schulz (non_member) and trap was placed. DEC Camper: Hugh Meneilly

1976-1981  Records are missing

1982     Annual banquet was at Martino's April 17th. Held 5 coon chases. Work day was held to cut down trees by the pond and do some painting. A plaque was made and a dedication of our flagpole in honor on Don Otis our past President of 13 plus years. DEC Camper: Charles Taber

1983     Annual banquet held at Toad Harbor Lodge with 45 attending.In June Constitution and By-Laws were revised and accepted. DEC Camper: Rebecca Schwalbe. Pill Pull was initiated, first winner was John Abare. Year end membership 71.

1984     Annual banquet held at Country Kitchen on April 14th with 53 attending. DEC Camper: Becky Miller. Willie Lord memorial fund in memory of their son sent Becky Youmans to camp

1985     Banquet at Sacketts

1986     Missing Records

1987     Annual banquet at the clubhouse on April 11 with a covered dish and a band with 50 people in attendance. DEC Camper: Leigh Ann Taber & Eddie Miller, ( Eddie was unable to attend) Pat Devinny went in his place with the Willie Lord fund. Covered dish at October meeting n honor of Ed Miller for his 30 years in club.

1988     Annual banquet at clubhouse on April 16th, 50 members in attendance. DEC Campers: Pat DeVinney, Jeremy Appleton (Willie Lord fund) and Patrick Courtwright. Pistol and Archery backstops & signs were done.

1989     Annual banquet at clubhouse on April 15th. New windows and electrical box installed. Old chairs auctioned, 4 new tables were purchased. DEC Camper: Fred Friedel Jr (Willie Lord fund)

1990     Annual banquet April 11th at Cleveland fire barn with covered dish and a band. Property was posted by Pete Losurdo Sr, Dick & Ed Taber, and James Abare. Membership donated enough money to purchase a weed eater. Membership also took a collection to buy a flagpole for the front yard. By-laws were reviewed and redone. DEC Camper: Pat DeVinney (self pay). Ken Pericho Jr Joined. Year end checking balance $400

1991     Annual meeting at clubhouse on April 12th. Porch needed replacing & was done. Electric work was done by Mr Paradisio in exchange for his dues. End of year checking balance $168.90

1992     Annual banquet was covered dish at the clubhouse on April 11th. Harry Meneilly logged the property adding $2500 to saving account. DEC Camp was full so did not send a youngster. Ending checking account balance $57.50

1993     Annual banquet held at clubhouse on April 17th. DEC Camper: None  Year end checking $96.07

1994     Annual banquet was a covered dish at the clubhouse on April 16th. End of year checking balance $186.39

1995     Annual banquet was a covered dish at the clubhouse on April 18th. Pat Abare Treasurer resigned and was taken over by Jim Rockdashal. Harry Meneilly logged the property at a 60/40% adding $1260 to the savings account. A can was placed at the meetings to collect money for DEC Camp. A spillway at the pond was raised and a pie placed under the road to accomodate the overflow of the pond. A newer stove was placed in the kitchen. Ending balance checking $115.00  Savings $800

1996     Annual banquet held at VFW in Constantia on April 13th. Harry and Hugh Meneilly worked on the pond and also cut lumber for 5 picnic tables.

1997     Harry Meneilly cut lumber for club use, for tables and outhouse. John and Mary Meneilly  joined the club and are still members as of 2020.

The first end of year feast was held with Harry Meneilly as chairman. 123 attended with a profit of $673. End of year 140 members. Year end checking balance $238

1998     The Willie Lord Fund set up by Mr & Mrs Bounce Lord was cashed in as the interest no longer generated enough to send a camper to DEC camp. $775 was returned to the owners. Plans to build a pavilion was presented to the membership. Lumber to be cut from club land by harry Meneilly. 2nd end of year feast was held with 143 attending and $1428 in profit. Harry Meneilly was chairperson.

1999     Annual banquet on April 17th. Long time member Ed Miller passed away. New pavilion is finished. End of year feast held on September 11th.

Profit of $2175. By-laws amended for dues to be $40 with $5 initiation fee for regular members

2000     Plans underway to move shooting range further back on property for safety reasons. Plans for a tool shed in motion for better organization of all supplies.

2001     Paddle boat purchased. CSDA heavy equipment class did work on the range for a learning experience, we just had to purchase the gas.

2002     Amendments to By-laws passed, dues raised to $50 for regular member, $15 for Associate, $50 initiation fee. New policy adopted: NO SMOKING IN CLUBHOUSE. Also no pets allowed in clubhouse. Corp of Engineers students started work on range, paid them $2000. Shed and garage built. 154 members. Year end checking balance $2272.13

2003     Over the winter the snow load caused our building to collapse. At the April meeting a plan for a new clubhouse was presented to the members. Plans submitted by John Meneilly Sr for a new clubhouse with a 16' addition added to the existing floor. It was voted on and accepted. The finishing of the new shooting range was put on hold. Year end members 135, with a cap of 200 members.

2004     Checking into number of people allowed in clubhouse = 152 (15 sq ft / person) Shooting Range house finished and the electric trap was donated to Sabttis Boy Scouts, located in Adirondacks.

2005     Another year has passed and the club has seen many changes.  The clubhouse is shaping up nicely with all the hard work going into it. This is ongoing but gratifying for all involved. Thanks to all that have donated their time and effort into the project. There have been many changes both in the clubhouse and the membership. We drew up a set of rules and regulations regarding use of the clubhouse and grounds, Ken presented them at the October meeting. One really nice addition was a website set up by Mike Domachowske. Mike also made and donated a really nice sign which the club hung proudly on the front of the clubhouse. Mary Meneilly has been working with the state to obtain a tax exempt number for the club.  The annual meeting and banquet was set for the usual times in 2006. The meetings will remain the second Wednesday of each month at the clubhouse at 8PM, April thru November.

2006     Another busy year has passed , the clubhouse continues to improve and our thanks go out to all who have contributed their time and efforts to make this the active club we all know and enjoy. The hunter safety course was held in September, and was well attended, Tony Pappalardo was the instructor. The passing of 3 club members, Fred Tassone, Douglas Martin and Tony Pappalardo, is a great loss to us all and they will be dearly missed. The club purchased a new paddle boat this year, there was also extensive work done on the docks this year. The end of year feast chaired by Harry Meneilly was a huge success as usual. The gun raffle was chaired by Eric Madura, thanks to all for selling your raffle tickets and making the gun raffle a huge success also. The highlight of the day was the dedication of our clubhouse to John Meneilly Sr. This was arranged and very well presented by our President, Charlie Gibbs. There was no one sent to DEC Camp this year.

2007     Another busy year has passed, the scheduled workdays were fairly well attended with much accomplished, the storage shed was cleaned out, the dock was also redone. The hunter safety and bow hunters course was conducted by Chris Nutter. DEC Camper, Mark Gibbs. There have been many additions to the interior of the clubhouse, a new pellet stove, a new stove and 2 refridgerators. A before meeting lunch was startee with Ginny Wainman as chairperson to organize it. Due to high usage of campers, a $5 per day fee was established to offset the higher electric bill. Please remember that our club needs our members to be responsible, and remember to clean up after yourselves, what you carry in, you carry out......

2008     Another busy year has passed, the hunter safety course was conducted by Chris Nutter and was well attended. The end of year feast was well attended, and the annual gun raffle was also a great success. Anthony Renne Jr was our DEC Camp winner. We are looking to send 2 children to DEC Camp next year. We are also looking into a scholarship award fund for next year. Eric Madura is now on the board of directors representing our club at the Oswego County Federation.

August 5, 2008,  John R Meneilly Sr. 82 passed away at home. Jack was a master carpenter who retired from Hueber Breuer Construction after over 40 years of service. He was a member of the North Shore Sporstman Club since 1972, and was recently honored after designing and building our new clubhouse and pavilion. He will be greatly missed.

2009     Hunter safety courses, both gun and bow were held by Chris Nutter and his helpers, with a great turn out as usual. Eric Madura and Kevin Guerin have attended and finished the trainer course. End of year feast / gun raffle was held on September 12th with a very good attendance. Jeff Schwenke ran the Chinese Auction, which is always a fun time for all who attend. We are able to send 2 children to DEC Camp this year, Andy Madura and Anthony Renne were chosen, with Alex Rockdashal and Jared Davis as alternates. This year a scholarship fund was organized for any youngster interested in further education along the environmental studies field. Bonnie Gibbs volunteered to be our sunshine lady, and keep us updated of any members that are sick, ailing or have passed.

2010     A bow course was held on May 22, a gun course was held in June and September, both were well attended. Our annual fall feast was held on September 11th. There was 2 scheduled work days, with much accomplished. There was 2 youngsters sent to DEC Camp, along with 6 others sent via the Oswego County Federation. Nick Guerin won the $500 Northshore Environmental Studies award. The annual election of officers is now held in November at the last meeting of the year.

2011     Our club was awarded the "Club of the year" by the Oswego County Federation of Sportsmen at their yearly Banquet. The award was in recognition of all the community service the club performs. A bow course was held in May, and a gun course was held in September. Spring banquet was held April 16th, the annual Fall Feast was held on September 17th. We sponsored 2 kids for Oswego County DEC Camp, 5 were sponsored through the Federation. Two workdays were well attended, with lots accomplished. Cody Pericho won the $500 Environmental Scholarship.


North Shore Sportsmen's Association